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Hiking in Jotunheimen — Part 2

After some morning-yoga in our hiking gear we were ready to go! Today we are moving in to colder regions..


I didn’t mind the rain, I had a new rain jacket and trousers. And I was listening to my hiking playlist which includes classical music, post-rock and indie folk songs. There isn’t much else to do when it’s raining than to keep on walking.

IMG_3752 IMG_3755IMG_3754 IMG_3761

During this trip I’ve got plenty of good shots of this young man.

IMG_3794 IMG_3797 IMG_3792
IMG_3807 IMG_3816IMG_3810 IMG_3831

It was soon dinner time and we decided to find a good place to set up camp.

IMG_3832 IMG_3848

Because of my super-strength I accidentally ruined my tent by breaking a pole in half.  Luckily I could use the repair kit from Fredrik’s tent to fix it.

IMG_3849 IMG_3857

Good night


Good morning! Time for breakfast.


We started off by walking 300m upwards to reach the snow covered areas and icy lakes.

IMG_3869 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3877IMG_3882

Lunch time. And Petter is making a flute/whistlepipe.

IMG_3889 IMG_3894IMG_3891 IMG_3895
Erik playing around

Erik playing around (gif)

IMG_3896 IMG_3897 IMG_3898

When we first saw snow we were playing around like kids. (It’s exciting because it’s the middle of the summer)
I hate snow now. especially walking uphill in it.

IMG_3909 IMG_3910

Not far to the next station now, where we’ll treat ourselves. With waffles.

IMG_3914-2 IMG_3915 IMG_3916

And then out in the cold again to find a good place to set up camp. (where it’s not covered with snow)

IMG_3926IMG_3928 IMG_3936
Pretty good view from my tent

Pretty good view from my tent

IMG_3945 IMG_3962 IMG_3968
(gif 5mb)

(gif 5mb)


And then, just before going to bed we got a bit of sun.

IMG_3972 IMG_3974 IMG_3987 IMG_3981 IMG_3982

Tomorrow there will be less snow. But more rain. Good night.

Hiking in Jotunheimen — Part 1

Two years ago me and Fredrik started hiking and since then we’ve had a yearly hike. After Kebnekaise last year we wanted more epic views and taller mountains. This year 5 of us decided to go to Jotunheimen, Norway. (For 8 days in August)

We arrived in Gjendesheim in the windy and cold evening. The only plan was go up 500m to find a good spot to set up camp for the night.

IMG_3424IMG_3464-3IMG_3436-3IMG_3439-3IMG_3457IMG_3489-4IMG_3490-2 copy

Today we’ll be going from Gjendesheim over Besseggen to Memurubu.

But first, some breakfast. I’ve missed waking up early (even though I’m always the last one to wake up) and cold after the night to go out in the sun to set up the kitchen and make some porridge and hot chocolate.


Me, Gustav, Fredrik, Petter, Erik

IMG_3557IMG_3556 IMG_3571 IMG_3578-3 IMG_3584 IMG_3587IMG_3602-2

I’m happy we decided to walk from east to west, which meant we were going down Besseggen, not upwards. Carrying 18kg is enough fun as it is.

IMG_3610-3 IMG_3615

Time for lunch

Besseggen. This is where we just came down from.

Besseggen. This is where we just came down from.

IMG_3644 IMG_3652 IMG_3659 IMG_3660-2 IMG_3673

“It’s not even noon and I’ve done more things today than during the whole of summer”

— Erik
IMG_3687-2 IMG_3691 IMG_3695

We were a little bit too excited the first day and walked for too long without breaks. So when we reached Memurubu, at least I, was quite exhausted.

IMG_3708 IMG_3713-2 IMG_3725 IMG_3730

Japan – Day 15 – Nara

I was told I cannot miss out on Nara when hanging out in the Kansai region (Where Kyoto and Osaka is). And they were right.

IMG_2841-2 IMG_2843

I got the local train and about 40 minutes later I was there. And then a short walk from the station to Nara Park.

IMG_2877_double IMG_2868 IMG_2875 IMG_2894
Trying to take selfies with a deer

Trying to take selfies with a deer

IMG_2898 IMG_2909 IMG_2923 IMG_2929

Epic wooden sculpture by the temple gates

IMG_2948 IMG_2953

Funny thing happened. When I was looking at the map over Nara I recognised the girl next to me. I had a brief chat with her and her friend who stayed in the same dorm as me in Kyoto a couple of days ago! She was planning on walking up the mountain/hill to get a better view of the city, so I joined her.

IMG_2962 IMG_2959 IMG_2963 IMG_2967


IMG_2977 IMG_2978 IMG_2981 IMG_2985 IMG_2988

And then we reached the top.

IMG_2995 IMG_2994

The deer up here were more relaxed than the city deer

IMG_2998 IMG_3008 IMG_3006 IMG_3013 IMG_3017
Julia & Me

Julia & Me


And then we headed back down again.


The deer are usually polite, they even bow to you when you walk by (trying to get food). But sometimes they get a bit rude.


Taking a bite off my tshirt


(Both photos shot by Julia)

IMG_3038 IMG_3040 IMG_3050

And that was it. We got some snacks from 7-Eleven and then I got the train back to Osaka and Julia was going to stay a couple of days in Nara.

Back in Osaka I had a shower and then went out again to get something to eat. Arisa had recommended a good place for Okonomiyaki so that’s where I went.

IMG_3056 IMG_3061 IMG_3065 IMG_3067 IMG_3074 IMG_3078

It’s been a long day so I was happy to get back to my small room where I fell asleep straight away.

Japan – Day 14 – Harry Potter World

My main reason I wanted to go to Osaka was this. The Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Japan.
Trying to get a ticket online was a nightmare, so I ended up going to USJ early in the morning to queue instead. Apparently you could be standing there for hours but it turned out fine. I wasn’t very bothered about the rest of the world, but for the Harry Potter World you need to reserve a time slot to gain entry which my was my top priority.


I had about 30 min to check out the rest of USJ until I could visit HPW.

IMG_2715 IMG_2722 IMG_2723

And then it was time. I rarely get visibly excited about things but for this I couldn’t stop smiling.


I love this shot, looks like he just crashed the Ford Anglia.

A couple of minutes walk through a “forest” before reaching Hogsmead.

IMG_2732 IMG_2738 IMG_2741

29°C warm and the “snow covered” roofs didn’t really match. But that didn’t matter, there was so much to look at. And compared to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio in London you could actually enter all the shops.

IMG_2745 IMG_2800 IMG_2802 IMG_2801

You could buy Chocolate frogs, Every-flavour beans, Pumpin juice, Jumping Snakes, Chocolate Wands, Fudge Flies, Fizzing Whizzbees, Peppermint Toads, Candy Floss, Exploding Bonbons, and more. It was extremely busy in there though.

IMG_2754 IMG_2756 IMG_2757 IMG_2768    IMG_2759 IMG_2769 IMG_2761

Beuxbautons and Durmstrang performance

IMG_2778 IMG_2763

Floating brooms

IMG_2794 IMG_2808 IMG_2784

Nope, not happening.

You could go on the “Flight of the Hippogriff” ride too, but I’m not a big fan of rides.

IMG_2792 IMG_2791

Instead I went for a walk inside Hogwarts. And of course there was a queue for that too. I had plenty of time though.

IMG_2820 IMG_2821 IMG_2826

It’s weird to see and hear Salazar’s and Helga’s portraits having a conversation in Japanese.


A nice 3D projection of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Also speaking Japanese.


When I got back out the queue to the Butterbeer shop was shorter, so I got myself a Iced Butterbeer. Better than the normal (that’s also served in London)

IMG_2807 IMG_20150623_115848

While I was having a break, trying to take it all in, a couple of kids came up to me and wanted a picture (weirdly enough this kept on happening and it’s confusing every time)

IMG_2787 IMG_2819 IMG_2817

A real owl at the Owlery


Way pass lunchtime I got hungry and decided to eat at The Three Broomsticks (It wasn’t a hard decision)

IMG_2752 IMG_2799 IMG_2835

I was amazed by this building. Felt like an old english pub but with the quirkiness of the magical world. I’m surprised it was so cosy even though it was so busy.
I ordered “The Hogwarts feast for one”, tasty. Although the roasted potatoes weren’t that great.


The head occasionally moved and made noices

IMG_2839 IMG_2838

You could access the Hog’s Head from here. They even had Fire Whiskey at the back (not sure if you could buy that though…). But they had their own beer called the Hog’s Head Brew. While enjoying my lunch I thought that it would be cool to open a pub like this in Stockholm. Sweden need to take more from the English culture. And especially when it’s Harry Potter inspired. I reckon this would work in Stockholm.

After a couple of hours at the Harry Potter World it was still hard to leave, it felt like home, but I decided to head back.

Japan – Day 13 – Osaka

When I arrived in Osaka I got the tube to Shinimamiya to check in at my hostel. I was only planning on staying in Osaka for three nights so I got a cheap hostel. I didn’t know anything about Osaka but when I got to the hostel that area felt a bit… rough.

I spent most of the day at the hostel, doing my laundry, planning my trip and updating the blog.
But when I got bored of that I went into Namba to check out the more buzzing areas.

IMG_2681 IMG_2684 IMG_2691 IMG_2698