I’m Daniel Stenberg, a UI/UX designer from Stockholm. I also do a bit of hobby photography.

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Japan – Day 11 – New friends

Daniel StenbergDaniel Stenberg

I met up with my new friends Lovisa and Magnus at the hostel’s bar/cafe for breakfast. We weren’t feeling great after yesterday so it was a slow start of this day hoe kan ik epub passed download.

Lovisa was very keen on going to the Kyoto Aquarium, so that’s what we did.

These guys were my favourites

These guys were my favourites


I wasn’t planning on watching a dolphin show, but they had one, and I have to admit it was pretty cool von youtube audio downloaden.

IMG_2483 IMG_2484

After some lunch I felt better so me and Magnus went to see the Fushimi Inari Shrine and the 1000 torii gates antrag arbeitslosengeld 1 herunterladen.
On the way there we got invited to a local show and stopped to watch for a bit.

IMG_2505 IMG_2509 IMG_2510

My favourite bit was to listen and see this, a group playing Japanese drums, Taiko songs ultrastar deluxe kostenlos downloaden. So powerful and so in sync it gave me goosebumps.


Girls who play guitar is one thing, but this is on another level kostenlos blumenbilder herunterladen.



IMG_2526 IMG_2531 IMG_2540

It was a weekday and the sun was setting, but there were still a lot of people visiting the gates zattoo shipments. But the further up the mountain we got the more people dropped off.

IMG_2552 IMG_2559

View of Kyoto from the top

IMG_2583 IMG_2582

When we got down the evening sky and light was beautiful congstar app herunterladen.

IMG_2589 IMG_2596 IMG_2593 IMG_2597

I was exhausted (but very happy) after today so I sat down in the back of the hostel bar to read my book netflix filme herunterladen windows 8.1.
There’s something special to read Murakami in Japan. To now be able to related to the places he’s mentioning.

Although the rainy seasons had not been declared officially over the Tokyo sky was intensely blue and the midsummer sun beat down on the earth mouse pointer.


To have even more effect I always listen to the music that’s mentioned in the books messenger herunterladen kostenlos 2012. Which usually is a lot of classical pieces or jazz.

I prefer listening to something when I read, otherwise I can’t get into a book.
Ever since I read my first Murakami book I’m always listening to the same soundtrack. A album that is very precious to me, Aoi Hana – Yuko Sasama & Ryozan Sakata. To me this is a perfect match to the feeling I get from reading anything from Murakami.

I’m Daniel Stenberg. A user experience/interface designer from Stockholm. (I also do a bit of hobby photography)

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