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Japan – Day 1 – Arriving in Tokyo

I’ve been wanting to do this trip/journey/adventure for a long time now. 10 years to be exact. Back in those days I was obsessed with anime, manga, learning to speak Japanese and listening to jpop/jrock. That was the old me, but the fascination for Japan is still there.

I decided to just go, without much planning, for three weeks. It’s the challenge I need right now. Travel on my own in country with a culture and language I don’t understand.

My adventure started with me and my newly made friend, Magnus, almost missed our flight to Japan. With probably just one minute left until they closed the gate we made it. Scary but a good start on the adventure. Except the taste of blood in my mouth after running.
The lady next to me didn’t look very happy to have a sweaty person next to her for the next 10 hours. She didn’t speak to me.

10 hours went by fast, I watched two films but didn’t get any sleep. Which meant I’d need to stay up the next day when arriving in Tokyo (10 am).


Straight after we landed I said bye and good luck to Magnus. And then I went to find the post office at the airport to pickup a 3G SIM card (Thanks Nuno for that suggestion, it would be a lot harder without it).

I was taking my time and planning my next step, while doing so a TV crew showed up and wanted an interview. I’ve seen them around interviewing travels like myself and thought I’ll probably be next in line…
It went well, but I answered the most stupid things, and I shouldn’t have mentioned I used to study Japanese. Which meant I had to demonstrate it. On Japanese TV.

ikebukuro station

ikebukuro station

I got the bus to central Tokyo and after that the tube to meet up with JangBoo, a friend of a friend whom I’ve only had chats over Facebook with before. Thanks to him I didn’t get lost.

Jangboo and Anna's beautiful house

Jangboo and Anna’s beautiful house in Bunkyo-ku

I love the look of Japanese streets, so characteristic

I love the look of Japanese streets, so characteristic

JangBoo has been practicing Swedish for some time now and I’m always surprised and impressed when someone is fascinated by Sweden and the language. We went for lunch and had conversations in Swedish and I asked everything about Japan and what I could expect.

After the lunch I couldn’t resist to fall asleep for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Until it was time for dinner and I met up with JB and Anna close by.