About the work

During a year (2011) I got to work on a lot of different projects for Sony Xperia. It helped me understand the Android platform, how to keep branding in UI consistent and the importance of details.

My role

Visual Designer

Scalable illustrations

Recreating physical devices for illustrations in Help/Setup screens. These illustrations for example show how to connect your PS3 controller to your mobile device via cable and bluetooth.

Ps3 Controller Breakdown

In-car app

Exploration work to turn your Xperia into a in-car navigation app. A lot of research went into this, what's the users priority? How important is colour-coding? Light or Dark? Voice or touch?

In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App
In-Car App

Enchanted forest

Live Wallpaper

The brief was to create a default wallpaper for one of the Sony Xperia phones. It was going to changed apperence during the day depending on what time and weather it was.
Created by one designer (me) and one developer (Viktor).

We wanted something that created a nice depth when swiping through your home screen, but wasn’t to disturbing with app icons on top.

Time and weather

We created four scenes for one day, dawn, midday, dusk and evening. Plus weather for each time of the day: Cloudy, Rain, Mist, Sunny. (Mockups below)

Creating the assets

Because this would be the default live wallpaper we had to be very sure that it wouldn’t consume the phone battery life nor be to big in size. This required some clever thinking because we had a lot of visusls and animation to include.

We made all assets b&w and coloured them by adding colour blending mode in code, this way we could change the colour depending on time of day and weather without changing assets.

Some of the assets, like the tree crowns, sky, blurry forground elements we could scale down and scale up in code with minimum pixelation. This helped it to fit better in a sprite sheet.

Various Apps

FM Radio


Fun & Downloads