I’m Daniel Stenberg, a UI/UX designer from Stockholm. I also do a bit of hobby photography.



Spring in Tokyo

It hasn’t even been a year and I’m back in Japan again.
Since the last time I was here, my good friend @nunosans moved to Tokyo. So I stayed a week in his little flat, in Takadanobaba kostenlose spiele herunterladen fishdom.
I feel very lucky that the Sakura (cherry blossom trees) were blooming when I arrived. It has been something that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time picdrop photos. This post will be very pink.

I mainly shot film during this trip, but the few selected photos in this post are shot with my Canon 60D, Sigma 30mm/f1.4 ps4 spiele downloaden ohne internet.

IMG_5027 IMG_5158-2 IMG_5094 IMG_5101-2 IMG_5144 IMG_5151 IMG_5173-2 IMG_5216-2 IMG_5229 IMG_5361-3 IMG_5479-3

Cambridge & London

It’s has been three months since I last visited my old home London, which is way too long. It was great to be back and gave me a much needed boost videos aus twitter herunterladen.
But before that I went to see Catarina, a new friend who made me motivated to shoot film again. So I brought my old Pentax MX and got the train to Cambridge to meet up with her herunterladen.

Pentax MX
50mm / 28mm
Kodak Color Plus 200 / Portra 400

R1-05399-0014 R1-05399-0012-2 R1-05399-0017 R1-05399-0020 R1-05399-0022 R1-05399-0023 R1-05399-0029 R1-05399-0030-2 R1-05399-0032_2 R2-05400-010A R2-05400-011AR2-05400-006A R2-05400-016A R2-05400-014A R2-05400-017A R2-05400-005A-3



Back in London I didn’t shoot as much, but here are a few shots of more lovely people herunterladen.

R2-05400-020A R2-05400-021A






R2-05400-035A-2 R2-05400-034A


Hiking in Jämtland

Because one hike per year is far from enough, me and Fredrik went to Jämtland in September for another one.



We had a lot of energy and were excited to begin walking <a class=instagram kostenlos herunterladen pc. Doing some silly walks first." width="520" height="320" />

We had a lot of energy and were excited to begin walking. Doing some silly walks first ornamente to.


IMG_4632 IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4652 IMG_4662 IMG_4668 IMG_4683

It was pouring down when we woke up, so I made breakfast in the tent abside adobe shockwave player kostenlos downloaden. A coffee and porridge with cinnamon and a bit of jam.

Seeking protection from the rain here for a little while

Seeking protection from the rain here for a little while


The plan for this hike was to make it easier than the previous and focus on good food and to relax farmerama for free. It made it harder when it rained so much.

IMG_4713 IMG_4717 IMG_4724
IMG_4736 IMG_4737-2 IMG_4742

When we left Stockholm I expected a couple of sunny autumn days landwirtschafts-simulator 14 herunterladen. Good thing we’re always prepared, even for snow and hail.

IMG_4748_Kodak-Portra-400+_-5SaturationIMG_4746 IMG_4753

Luckily the rain passed when it was time for dinner sketchupen gratis.

IMG_4763 IMG_4769

And now for a real treat: Blueberry pancakes, bacon with maple syrup/raspberry jam ifruit app herunterladen gta 5.

IMG_4783 IMG_4787-3

We barely finished our dinner before it started raining again innenarchitektur programm kostenlosen vollversion. Time for a cup of tea and then some sleep.


Good morning zdfmediatheken! It was a very misty morning, and after the cold night my tent had a border of snow surrounding it.

IMG_4806-2 IMG_4809-2
Fredrik wasn't too happy about the rain/snow.

Fredrik wasn’t too happy this morning 3ds spiele auf sd karte downloaden.

IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4837

It continued like this for most of the day until we got down from the mountain.

IMG_4845 IMG_4858 IMG_4856-3 IMG_4862
Mushroom Risotto in the making. A bad idea to cook this if you want to save gas.

Mushroom Risotto in the making. A bad idea to cook this if you want to save gas.

Since it was the last night out we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. But we were very tired and kept messing everything up. And it started raining again.
Note to self: If you’re going to bring Schnapps and white wine, don’t mix them up when cooking. It will ruin it.

The day after I could treat myself to a proper lunch at the mountain station. I felt sorry for Fredrik though, he rested in a sofa with a fever.

Hiking in Jotunheimen — Part 3

We packed our stuff before the rain came. I can’t remember if I stopped shooting today because of the rain or if I was too tired. Probably a bit of both ms office starter 2010 download kostenlos deutsch.
We are now one day away from Glittertind (2,465m).

IMG_4004 IMG_4009IMG_4020IMG_4018

We reached Spiterstulen station and it looked like something out of LOTR albelli clipart download. We all started humming the Riders of Rohan tune.


After a nice break and more waffles we went back out in the rain again herunterladen.

IMG_4035 IMG_4038

We camped close to the bottom of the mountain Glittertind and went to bed early. Before I fell asleep I read a few pages in my Moomin philosophy book iphone klingeltöne herunterladen kostenlos.


Time to walk across Norway’s 2nd tallest mountain anno 1602 download vollversion kostenlos.
But first, blueberry porridge.

IMG_4047 IMG_4050-2 IMG_4053 IMG_4055 IMG_4059-2

Once we crossed the river and reached the path up the mountain, Eric read us a poem about water photo for free.

IMG_4069 IMG_4073 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4092-2 IMG_4093

I had long-johns on but I was still cold…

IMG_4102 IMG_4114IMG_4118 IMG_4119 IMG_4122

Time to celebrate today’s effort download audiobooks free of charge!


After a good nights sleep we all felt happier dm foto software herunterladen. The sun was out and we had a lot of time to just relax now.

IMG_4131 IMG_4140




IMG_4142 IMG_4149 IMG_4157 IMG_4159 IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4185

And we’re back in Gjendesheim free of charge! Tired but happy.

IMG_4188 IMG_4192 IMG_4195

And that’s it, our trip to Jotunheimen wie herunterladen von youtube. Here’s a map of our route and camping spots.